Forrester Keynote: Securing the New “Perimeter”


Increased complexity – in our infrastructure and software – and increasingly sophisticated attacks from adversaries necessitate a new approach to cybersecurity. Zero Trust is an approach that recognizes a new “perimeter” exists by combining identity, data, workloads, and applications that emphasizes context, not network segment, to authorize access to systems that house critical data.

Get the inside track from Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard on:

  • How increased complexity and dependence on technology to complete mission critical tasks changes the approach and importance of information security
  • The emerging trends occurring to address those challenges
  • Sophisticated – and unsophisticated – attacks that still work for adversaries
  • Why legacy approaches to security architecture set us up for failure
  • How Zero Trust can equip you to make faster and better decisions and accelerate your time to action

Session Speakers

Principal Analyst
Security and Risk